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Goods, capital, people circulation f ( also bowel movement ) selles fpl ( development ) the lesbiche sesso live fatti in casa movement towards sth la progression vers qch the movement towards democracy la progression vers la démocratie There was a movement towards a revival of conscription BUT Il.
There's a movement towards simple designs in clothing these days.
With the ) the cinema and films in general: to go to the movies.
The third movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.
(in board games) an act of moving a piece.To affect the feelings or emotions.The art of moving gracefully or expressively.You can win this game in three moves.Bowel; rapid eye (REM) movimientos oculares rápidos (MOR).He made a move for the door.With his kind of job, he's always on the move.If you make a move, I'll shoot you!We can move in on Saturday.I was deeply moved by the film.To (cause to) change position or go from one place to another.

( with for or towards ) to move (in the direction of).
Moving from place to place.
Get a move on, or you'll be late!Move along to keep moving, not staying in one place.Move up and let me sit down, please.How did your move go?He moved his arm; Don't move!; Please move your car.A section of a large-scale piece of music.Movimiento, moción, acción, maniobra; of the intestines evacuación, defecación.The police told the crowd to move along.

We're moving on Saturday.
An organization or association.
The animal turned sideways with a swift movement.