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Cima Ekar Observing Station close to the 182-cm telescope. .
The new site, called Stazione astronomica del Pennar dell'Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova, with the dome for the telescope, the machine shop, the dark room and the guestrooms, rose near to the dome of Galileo telescope.
It is really incredible that the first image made with a new instrument is completely without aberrations".This first photographic Archive pointed out the interesting rivista porno online sesso results deriving from a wide field instrument.CCD technical data, oN-Semi KAF-16803 (active area: pixels, prescan: 30 pixels).Surveys with objctive prism for the discovery of emission lines stars, Wolf-Rayet stars, planetary nebulae, spectral classification.

Colombia has 56 national parks in all, but the.
The equatorial mounting for the telescope was realized by Officine Sarti (Bologna in collaboration with the technical team of the Observatory consisting of the technicians Galazzi, Pertile and Rigoni.
It was decided - Cesare Barbieri was the promotor - to move both the Schmidt telescopes to Mount Ekar, where in the meantime it was realized a new telescope, named Copernico, having a primary mirror with a diameter of 182 centimetres.Survey of peculiar galaxies, quasars and compact galaxies.Mount Ekar is in a higher and in a more distant position from the centre of the city than Pennar site.The territorial expansion causes the increasing of the artificial lighting.Rosino drew the attention to this fact, pointing out to politicians and administrators the degrading quality of the sky of Asiago.CCD scale:.87 arcsec/px (unbinned Pixel size: 9 pierre novita gay personals murcia m, fOV: 59 x 59 arcmin, full well capacity: 100.Full frame readout time: 22 sec.The number of photographic plates taken with both the Schmidt telescopes, untill april 1999 is: Schmidt 50/40, schmidt 92/67 imaging.411 imaging.729 obiective prism 2006 obiective prism 1087 next.In the nineties the situation for the light pollution worsened.The focal length is 215 cm (f/3.2).

They followed the designing, construction and assembly of the telescope.
Minimum exposure time: 50 sec, schmidt user manual (version.2 B - september 2017) (PDF).
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